5 simple reasons you need Friends of God Story Bible for your kids

by Jeff White (author) and David Harrington (illustrator)

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Book Review: Friends with God Story Bible: Why God loves people like me. (First published 07/09/2017 AtGrandmasPlace.com)

​ Well, yes.... another Bible Storybook and I guess you're thinking... 'Hey, I have a Bible Storybook for my kids or grandkids. Why would I need another one?' ​So....do your kids need it? This review will help you decide.

When information about another Bible Storybook slid into my Inbox, I wondered whether I needed it, too. After all, three children and eight grandchildren translates into an already bulging bookshelf.

Some we've read and enjoyed. Others have well-worn covers, ragged corners and loose pages. Those are the ones that we've read and re-read over and over. Their vibrant illustrations have grabbed my kids' (and grandkids') attention and excited their imagination.

The pages have held stories of a loving God who knows and deeply cares about each one of those young, captured readers. And the words have continued to live in their young hearts and minds.

Yes, some of these Bible storybooks have been special. So, do I (or you) need this new one? I can certainly understand the question.

But then, what if your kids.........