If you have the craft gene, go ahead and plan some sort of crafty activity together during your alone time - such as baking or making mum and dad gifts.

Or if you're not crafty by yourself, try taking them to a painting or other type of class. Check out their local library or community events for fun opportunities.

Another option is working on a course together online. How about a chalk art class. A class for decorating biscuits is another option- a delicious one, too.

If you're anywhere near an Apple store, their free workshops are great- Photo Lab or Coding Lab for kids is a popular choice.

Courses will generally give them something to take away from the experience, a memento. These ways to make your visit with your grandchildren special will pay off in a big way over time.

Subscription boxes are great, too. I've subscribed to KiwiCo for amazing boxes of fun. These creative boxes are described as 'sparking moments of wonder and discovery.' My grandkids love them.

Down the track, after 18 years or so of building your relationship, your grandkids will be very happy that you put time and effort into planning your visits with them... and so will you.