How to deal with worry and stress in simple ways so that your day runs smoothly

Everybody worries sometimes.

Right now, you’ve probably got a few worries on your mind. In fact, I think it's rare to find someone who isn't worried during this time of uncertainty.

I struggle with worry constantly. It's my default mode. I often joke that I'm an expert! 🤔

But what about you? Are you worried? Maybe, feeling a bit stressed?

Perhaps the health and safety of your family is a concern. Maybe you’re worried about your own health or whether you’re going to have enough money to pay the bills at the end of the month.

You might be thinking about a relationship or a situation at work, causing you trouble. Whatever the case, worry happens whether or not we intend for it to take over our thoughts.

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This becomes a problem, though, when worry takes over your life.

And yes, we know that our first concern should be to pray about these concerns and hand it over to God- not just occasionally, but consistently.

'Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.' 1 Peter 5:7​

But there are practical steps you can take, too, that will help take you from frozen with stress to energised productivity.

Think about it: what is the goal? Is it enough to just stop worrying? Are you seeking to stay balanced and on an 'even keel'? Or maybe you're hoping for something…more?

What if, instead of worrying, you could become excited! What if you could then use this excitement to get more done?

Let’s look at seven ways to achieve this:


Worry needs your attention to survive. Get busy doing something that engages your mind, and you’ll find you forget all about worrying.

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Not only does this switch your attention to something productive and satisfying, but it also prevents you from spending the time worrying.