'Memories are special moments that tell our story.'

"What? I didn't know that? When did we do that?" My youngest daughter was totally mystified.

We'd just enjoyed an extended family dinner and my kids had started talking about some of the activities and fun that we had enjoyed as a family when they were young. We laughed a little since we'd had this discussion on previous occasions.

As the youngest, there were often things that she had forgotten, memories that she had been too young to take in and remember.

'Every day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.' - Charles Swindoll -

Family memories are important. There are so many lessons and truths that are a part of learning and growing together. But memories are fickle. While some loom large and bright there are others that remain tucked into little recesses of our mind, lost and forgotten.

Every so often, a comment or a photo or even a smell will pry those forgotten recollections out into the light. While it's great to remember those fun family activities, those special moments that matter, it's also great to share them with your kids and your grandkids.

'Memories are the key, not to the past, but to the future.'
- Corrie ten Boom -