discover how to find enjoyment in small-moment living

We live in minutes, not hours; in moments, and breaths and heartbeats. A pinch of salt makes all the difference to a tasty meal and touch of perfume evokes memories we thought we'd long forgotten.

Details matter. Moments matter; and if you blink, you'll miss it.

Despite this, we place a huge emphasis of big events, extravaganzas, and epic experiences. Yet it's small moments, those unexpected almost casual interactions with family, places, people and things that can leave a lasting impact.

These are the things we remember.

hundreds of people have walked past this without even realizing just how much they're missing.

Right now, it's school holidays. And our local shopping plaza has created a large indoors tropical rainforest for children and shoppers to enjoy. It's lush and beautiful and everyone has enjoyed the huge display. But not everyone realises that, hidden with the foliage, lurk hidden creatures.

There's a vivid green tree-frog, a large python coiled around a tree trunk, a goanna and even a large cassowary.

You see, the rainforest has been created to encourage children, and adults, to view the rainforest with more than just a cursory glance. They've even included a stand of buttons for kids to press.

Once a particular button has been touched, a spotlight shines on the half-hidden creature and its recorded sound can be heard. I'm sure you can imagine the delight of the kids... and the surprise of many adults.