Discovering how everything in creation points to the Creator

A review of the kids' devotion; How Great is Our God

Science, discovering how things work and learning about the created world is exciting for kids. So it makes sense to link science study and experiments with daily science-based devotions for kids.

"So boys.. what do you think will happen to the knife? Careful.. it's hot!"

Their heads drew closer and they peered intently at the knife with wax droplets balanced over the candle.

"I know, Nannie. I know! I think it will catch on fire and burn up."

"No... no... it's going to melt and sort of fold in half."

I smiled at their enthusiasm and their answers.

Kids love learning about their world. Everything is exciting.

So it makes sense that a book of devotions for kids that focuses on science will have instant appeal.

So.. .would I use this book with my kids or grandkids?

Yes, I think they would really enjoy this. I also like the reason for this book that Louie Giglio states below:

'As you read, remember that the same God who made you and knows everything about you is inviting you to know and learn about Him. I'm so glad you're on this journey with me to discover more of how He is. God has so much in store for you. Enjoy the adventure ahead!' -Ps Louie

There is also an Educational Guide available to accompany this book of devotions if you're planning to use it with your science lessons. It's okay, but I wasn't so impressed with the quality of the worksheets included. They provide basic task objectives and topic guidelines but I would have liked the worksheets to look more exciting!

And... there is another similar book: Indescribable- 100 devotions for kids about God and Science