​Recently, I watched an old movie. Actually, it was a good movie- great plot, good acting and it had been colourised. But the thing I really noticed was the background music.... or, maybe I should add, the lack thereof.

It took a while before I realised it- I just watched thinking, 'What's missing? Why is this lacking the emotional connection?'

Then it hit me- no music, and music makes an amazing difference. Yes, music creates atmosphere, suspense, drama, light and shadow. Without it, it's as if only part of the story is being told.

Music has become an integral and award-winning part of any movie.

Look at Disney. The music from Disney movies isn't just background filler; it connects the story with heart, mind and emotions across generations. If you play the soundtracks of popular movies, you find yourself picturing the movie in your mind as you listen.

Music paints pictures and contributes to memories. It's been said that nowadays, even a moment's silence is accompanied by background music.

The importance of music

Music is important in our own lives, too. I know if I want to complete my chores quickly I put on bright, enjoyable music. If the kids are tired and grumpy, then I put on some of their favourite songs. And I'm sure that everyone uses music to help entertain kids in the car when it's a long trip.

Music builds memories

But music isn't just nice to listen to. Have you noticed that some songs or music will bring particular family times and events to mind? And music is important for children. Research has shown that it helps build and develop their brains- inspires creativity, imagination and self-esteem, and memory skills.