Why you need to experIEnce the eyewitness visual bible

Follow the thread of God's unending love through the characters and chronicles of the Bible.

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So... what is this book? Is it a Bible translation with pictures? A paraphrase version? A book of Bible pictures for adults?

Well, no... it's actually none of those things- not really.

If I could just take a moment or two, I'll try to explain.

I grew up listening to Bible stories filled with adventure, drama, excitement and surprise; a fearsome giant who taunted an army, a diminutive boy armed with an impossible weapon and an unbeatable faith, a huge fish with an unlikely appetite, a massive army defeated by a handful of ill-equipped men, dangerous voyages and perilous escapes.

Perhaps you did, too.

Amazing and exciting stories. Through the years we also learned that the Bible is more than an adventure story; it's our guide, our roadmap, our textbook for life. And so it is... but it should be so much more.

Is this publication worth buying?

Well, I certainly rushed to order my copy.

Sure, it would be a beautiful book to keep on your coffee table. It would be an amazing gift. But it also is a wonderful resource for those times when you need to be reminded of the epic adventures of people who encountered God 'up close and personal'.

It's through these intimate recounts and the amazing artwork, that you’ll discern God’s great love for you, His plan for the narrative of your life; you'll discover how you, too, are a part of His unfolding story.