Best bible picture storybooks


5 top choices for your family: suggestions for all ages plus a special new release option for the grownups to check out.

The book slowly opens and two small people snuggle close and peer at the opened page.

“Start, Nan,” encourages Dakotah impatiently.

Her sister just blinks her big, dark eyes and waits quietly. I smile.

“Rosie the hen went for a walk.”

The small heads bend closer and stare at the picture on the page. I love picture storybooks. I think most people do, not just kids.

I love the small number of carefully chosen words, the condensed language, creating a compelling story that draws in the reader. I love the wonderful illustrations that add so much to the narrative and provide feelings, atmosphere and humour without a word.

​‘Rosie’s Walk’ is certainly one of my favourites along with many others: Hairy Maclary, Where is the Green Sheep? Edwina the Emu, Harriet, You'll Drive me Wild and many others.

It’s helpful that some of these wonderful picture storybooks, like ‘The Wrong Book’ are now available at iTunes as storybook apps.

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So.. are you looking for another quality Bible storybook for your kids, or maybe your grandkids?

I know I've bought many over the years. Some in my bookcase look bright and vibrant, almost as if I'd just bought them yesterday. Others look battered and warn; some have a few pages hanging from the covers.

Those are the ones we've read and re-read over and over. Their vibrant illustrations have grabbed my kids' (and grandkids') attention and excited their imagination. The pages have held stories of a loving God who knows and deeply cares about each one of those young, captured readers. And the words have continued to live in their young hearts and minds.

I hope you'll find these suggested books will excite the hearts and minds of your kids, too, and make them excited to learn more about the amazing God they read about.

This award-winning series is probably my favourite for children 2 years and up. I know some people will choose a Bible Storybook based on colourful, detailed illustrations and sure- that is important when it's a picture storybook. So the pictures in this book are big, bright and bold. But it's more than just the illustrations.

The stories in these volumes are well-written. There are just a few words on each page- perfect for little ones. Each story ends with a 'What did you learn?' page with just a question or two and a sentence to reinforce the Bible truth from the story.

But don't limit these books to the very young. I've read these stories to older kids and they enjoy them, too. And as they grow older they will read the books again for themselves.

I really love the Bible picture storybooks by Dennis Jones. The ‘See With Me Bible’ (prequel to the Read with Me Bible series) is amazing. The Bible stories are told entirely with pictures. The expressions on the faces of the characters are a more graphic portrayal of what's happening in the story and the feelings and emotions of the characters than any words. Children love them- even your very little ones. So do I. I particularly love the story of the Lost Sheep. His character, emotions and personality shine through the each page.​

I've spent many hours with my grandchildren looking at the pictures and telling the stories. As they've grown older, they tell me the stories. Unfortunately, The See with Me Bible is no longer in print (although you might find a second-hand one) but you can also enjoy the Read with Me Bible... equally good with simple text and wonderful illustrations by Dennis Jones. This book would probably suit your 3-5 year olds.

The stories, the descriptive and almost poetic language used, make this a wonderful book for children who are preschool age to perhaps 6 or 7 years old. Many would say that it's perfect for adults, too, and I wouldn't disagree.

It's been described as 'one of the best resources available to help both children and adults see the Jesus-centered story line of the Bible.' And it does so in a way that encourages children to learn of God's epic love for them and how they are a part of this amazing story, too. Children can understand that each story in the Bible is just a part of the bigger story and God's plan for them.

I've reviewed the Friends with God Story Bible already and LifeTree has highlighted part of this article, too. So I've included part of that review here.

'Yes.... another Bible storybook and I guess you're thinking... 'Hey, I have a Bible storybook for my kids or grandkids. Why would I need another one?' your kids need it? I can understand the question. It's one I asked myself initially, too.

But then, what if your kids:

1. ...could actually feel a part of the story? It's not just a story. It's a recount and it will resonate with your kids in a meaningful way. They will feel connected, involved.

2. ...could hear personal stories of 54+ friends of God? This isn't just a handful of stories. It's enough for a whole year of exciting reading if you read and learn about one friend of God each week.

3. ...could also play Bible games and discover Bible facts? ​You'll find that this story Bible has an in-built interactive element that works with an app—IOS or Android.

4. ....could collect and share digital cards of the friends of God? They'll learn even more entertaining facts about these Bible characters. They'll feel they really know them.

5. ...could grow in their own friendship with God? They'll hear and share in the amazing stories when God stepped into the picture and everything changed. As they read this book they 'face lions, cross rivers, slay giants and stare into a glittering desert sky, awed by God making impossible promises come true.' And they'll realize that this same God wants to be friends with them, too.

So, yes.... my grandkids need this beautifully illustrated, interactive book and maybe yours do, too. :)”

This book is suitable for kids aged 9 to 12 years. As you've probably realised, it's not your typical picture storybook. But this is what you get when you combine the trusted English Standard Version Bible with the attention-grabbing illustrations from Marvel comic illustrator Sergio Cariello.

There are 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order. So it's not the book you'd encourage your child to bring along to a Bible study class or to follow along with in church scripture reading.

But it does bring the Scripture to life for this action-seeking age group of kids. If you're wanting to get your child into reading the Bible, this is a great way to do so. There are also other versions available for different age-groups: The Action Bible Storybook Bible- The Action Bible Study Bible - The Action Bible Handbook - The Action Bible Devotional

bonus: bible picture storybook for adults

Experience the Bible that gives you a whole new way to think about God’s story. The full review of this book is coming soon.

It's an all-new Bible experience for grown-ups full of surprises that can transform your life. This 256-page, fully illustrated book brings to life 39 Bible stories and beloved Scripture passages. Containing more than 120 original works of art by 16 artists from around the world.

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