5 Simple ways to 'up' your listening skills... and why it's important

Children need someone who is ready to listen to them.

It’s been said that ‘a child seldom needs a good talking to as a good listening to.’ Use these 5 tips to listen well to your kids.

Some of my little grandkids were outside chasing each other with water guns and squirters. What fun! What better way to handle the summer heat.

I watched, sipping my coffee and laughing at the squeals of delight. So I was surprised when a soft, warm arm slipped around my neck.

"Nan," she said softly. "Sometimes I get in trouble cos the others say I'm not sharing. I try. But the others always want what I'm doing." I put my arm around her for a big hug.

"I know. I've been watching. You're the biggest and you do a great job with all the little ones. But sharing isn't easy, no matter how big you are. Tell me a bit more about it. "

We talked together for a while. Then she hugged me tight and I could feel her damp eyelashes flutter against my face. "Thanks, Nan," she whispered.. and then she was gone.

Remember, good listeners listen with their heart, and isn't this what God would expect of us?

What better way to show God's love to our grandkids (and our kids as well) than to take time to listen attentively?