Do you remember playing indoor games when you were young? What was that like.. hide-and-seek, Monopoly, chess, charades? Or maybe the indoor activities you remember as a child are reading, tv, colouring/painting or Twister.

Gone are those days.. though board games, including newer version of retro games, are still fun, and there are some exciting colouring, painting and crafting options.

But have you considered science adventures with your kids? And I don't just mean for boys. Disney's version of A Wrinkle in Time has certainly highlighted the amazing science abilities and potential of our girls.

So here are some very simple ideas to start you thinking and working with science.

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Don't forget, there are fun science experiments you can do at home with children of all ages. It is just a question of gathering the supplies and making sure you pay attention to health and safety. Choose age-appropriate activities and watch your children’s love of science grow.

Your kids might also enjoy using a science recording worksheet to track and annotate their discoveries. Find it here: Free downloadable science experiment worksheet

There are some amazing books, too, like 23 Things to Do Before You Are 11 1/2: A practical step-by-step guide for things to make in your backyard, that would be helpful to encourage your kids to experiment and learn more .. and build some amazing family memories together.

Another great option is a regular box from KiwiCo filled with age-appropriate science fun and adventures.

But there are plenty of other options- simple but fun.